Tired of spending too much time on badly

prepared meetings with no visible outcomes?

Achieve outstanding meeting results


Easily prepare collaborative agendas, keep your meeting on track and record decisions and tasks – all in one place. Straight Out Of Your Calendar.

Prepare | one click agenda

Collaborative preparation of agenda, objectives and pre-requisites made easy before the meeting has even started.


Right out of the users preferred native calendar app.

Execute | keep on schedule

Visualizing the agenda and time spent on each item simplifies the focus on meeting goals. Discussion outcomes are directly translated into decisions, insights or tasks with concrete responsibles and due dates.


sam enables all participants to observe the protocol and collaborate in real-time.

Follow-up | keep track of results

sam allows users to find and search all results of previous meetings and observe the progress of open tasks in one place.


Participants and team leaders get meeting summaries by email and receive updates about task status, making sure the meeting outcomes are really processed into daily business.


sam is part of the elunic group